08 July 2008

My many heartfelt thank to Megdoula from Ravelry who sent me the most amazing swap package!! She really thought about what I would like and so gave me a vintage-themed package of goodies -- I'm so lucky!!! Here is the unraveling of the Mmagic ball step by step:

Step 0 -- Upon opening the box, here is what I found: a super cool-looking vintage pattern for a hood (how glamorous!), some homemade caramel and dark chocolates (yum!) and the Mmagic Yarn ball.


Step 1 -- after beginning to unravel the pretty blue Berroco Merino yarn, I found the first yarn ball goodie: a barrette featuring pin-up girls!! (Marilyn Monroe on the left, Bettie Page in the middle, and someone I didn't recognize on the right, though I'd guess Jayne Mansfield cause of the boobage, lol)


Step 2 -- a Rita Hayworth "Gilda" poster-decorated little metal case filled with stitch markers made by Megdoula!! I have this same framed print -- I love this movie and adore this little case!!


My camera does not like to photograph stitch markers, so here's a (blurry) close-up:

They are gorgeous! I"ll have to try for a better photo of them, sigh. This pic does not do them justice at all.

Step 3 -- Coming closer to the center of the yarn ball, I found a Lantern Moon tape measure!! I LOVE it -- it's a cake (ha, ha, ha -- it goes perfectly with the "cheesecake" of the other items ;)


Step 4 -- Cute little tags for handknit creations!!


Step 5 -- The ball is unraveled!!! Within the center of it I found 2 huge hanks of MMmmalabrigo worsted in bee-yu-tee-full colors!!!


Wow, was I spoiled or what?!!!!

Megdoula, you are the BEST!!!!! Thank you for choosing me to spoil, I really lucked out :)


Megan said...

What a nice post! I'm so glad you liked it! I'm e-mailing you the chart I told you about!

kasiaiscarly said...

nice package! what is the purple/green color? i have the brown/blue one myself (churrah or however you spell it!)