28 May 2008

Knitter's Holiday Swap: Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Thanks to the awesome Marybeth211 from Ravelry!!

Don't the goodies look pretty together in the box -- maybe it's goofy, but I think the colors look so nice together!
yarns 021

my delightful stash for Worldwide Knit in Public Day from the Knitter's holiday swap! wow, i really made out! check out the yummy chocolates, the Mary Engelbreit goodies, the patterns, the tote, the yarn, and the beautiful necklace & stitchmarkers!! score!
yarns 022

and a not-so-hot close-up of the necklace & stitch markers:

yarns 023

May Flowers Swap

Check out my stash from the May Flowers Swap...all the way from The Netherlands from the gracious Lavendergirl! woohoo...new sock yarn & a pretty pattern, some vintage knitting mags, pretty flower seeds, candy, handgel, and the cutest sheep tissues!

there's also a sweet little crocheted flower -- i'm going to felt a bag soon and use it as the decoration for it :)

yarns 020

20 May 2008

Guilty Pleasures/Good Karma Round 1

For the swap that I organize on Ravelry (Guilty Pleasures/Good Karma), this is what I received for Round 1 from the very sweet Karleary:

yarns 013

Karen was generous enough to send me some yummy Manos del Uruguay for a project on my knitting queue and some super pretty indy yarn from PA! Here is a close up:
yarns 014

Not only did she send me all kinds of sweet treats & knitting goodies, she was thoughtful enough to send me some medieval patterns!! How cool is this?!

yarns 015

yarns 011
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Here is the stash I received from Kariola, all the way from Sweden!

Not only did she include lots of fab yarn and chocolate (I already ate one of the bars, so it doesn't appear herein, lol), she also sent me all kinds of neat things she had crocheted and knitted, including three tribbles (potscrubbers), a dishtowel, and two hairbands :)

there are also some other little goodies, including DPNs, lavender incense, a lipstick case filled with stitch markers and an adorable pincushion!! thanks, Carola!! i hope you'll be receiving my package soon!

yarns 009
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Here is a box of items I knitted for Warm Woolies. I sent it to them last month & am getting another box ready to send now.

I went to an academic conference last weekend & as I was walking around knitting, I had people come up to me and ask what I was working on. It gave me great pleasure to evangelize about Warm Woolies, so I hope more and more people will be knitting for them now :)

19 May 2008

Mmmmalabrigo swap goodies!!

yarns 019

wow, this is such an amazing swap package! i'm totally humbled by it -- it's so sweet & thoughtful!

here is a close up of the yarns (silky merino & chunky Malabrigo) along with the patterns DANCINGSHEEP sent me. yarns 020

01 May 2008

Quick Knit Swaps -- April

yarns 015
yarns 015
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ooooh, look at all the yumminess!!!

Quick Knits Swap -- April -- from my partner TrishaKnittin

some yummy Crystal Palace cotton blends perfects for summer & the most delicious Tilly Thomas silk in red; tons of dark chocolate in color-coordinated foil; an apply pie candle that smells heavenlyl Addi bamboo circ needle, a pattern for a really pretty tank & also some gorgeous crystal & butterfly stitch markers!!

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Here is the entire package of goodies from the Knewbie Kit swap for April.

I had the bestest swap partner evah, JaimeJune!!! THank you!!!

yarns 009
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Are these labels cute or what?!

Received from my Knewbie Kit Swap partner in April, JaimeJune @ ravelry!!