02 October 2008

R.I.P Kamille (my hard drive)

well, after having my computer crash early in September and then having to be apart from it for about a week while it was at the mac doctor....Kamille finally gave up the ghost about 10 days ago :(

September was definitely a rough month. Not only did I have to reconstruct many of my teaching materials for the new semester, I had to reconstruct the dissertation chapter I'd been drafting. On top of it all, I had to do all that with very limited computer or internet access. I didn't realize until this mess how highly dependent I'd been on my computer & on having steady access to the internet!


R.I.P. Kamille

Long live Mnemosyne!!!

the mac doctor resuscitated my poor computer by having to install a new hard drive (um, a new BLANK hard drive, btw!).

Rather than naming the drive after a warrior who died young in battle, my new one is named after the mother of the Muses -- her name, appropriately, means "memory" ;) i'm hoping that will help! LOL.

Many, many, many apologies to my recent & current swap partners -- I'm sorry you got me! However, I'm catching up & y'all should be finding packages in your mailboxes shortly. Thank you for your patience!